Two women pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges Tuesday in Newark in the case of 8-year-old Christiana Glenn's death following severe malnutrition and an untreated fracture.

Attorneys for the child's mother, Venette Ovilde, also known as Krisla Rezireksyon, and her roommate, Myriam Janvier, entered pleas on their behalf in Newark.

Authorities say Christiana Glenn died in May 2011 of severe malnutrition and an untreated fracture. Her injured and emaciated younger siblings were taken from the family's home in Irvington.

Prosecutors allege the women starved the children, chained them to radiators and didn't seek medical treatment for their fractures.


The case lead to a shake-up at the state's child abuse hotline. An investigation revealed a call concerning the family had been mishandled.

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