Sometimes it’s best to take a break from reality TV, especially when the reality is watching our teams lose every week. If you’re a Giants fan, there are two documentaries you can watch on Demand that will cheer you up and take you to better times. 1.  “The Book Of Manning”  The story of the first family of football is told by both father Archie, and his sons, Cooper, Peyton, Eli, friends and lots of video that Archie Manning  shot as the boys were growing up. There’s one clip of a very young Peyton showing off his drop back move.

While the entire story focuses on their time in the Southeastern Conference, it’s another reason why it’s hard not to like these guys.  This would be great to watch with your sons if you have any.

You can see a trailer for it below.


2. LT: The Life and Times.  The LT documentary chronicles the life of the greatest defensive player ever to take a football field. Narrated by Jon Bon Jovi, this documentary is the first ever in depth look at Taylor’s life both on and off the field. You get his greatest highs from his on-the-field play, as well as the lows those drug-related highs brought him off of it. Lots of stories from players, coaches, family and friends as well as LT himself. If you were a Giants fan when Lawrence roamed the Meadowlands, you’ve got to see this.

View a clip of LT below:

What’s the best documentary you’ve ever seen?