Governor Christie insists that New Jersey's highest in the nation property tax burden is getting lighter. Many I talk to just don't see it.

Many jammed the phone lines last night for "Ask the Governor" to tell the governor they are seeing property tax increases in the double digits.

Like the long suffering Mets' fan he is, Christie's stock answer is "Wait until next year."

Christie said a lot has been done over the past year to get the problem under control.

"You know we now have pension and benefit reform in place, we have the arbitration cap, we have the cap on property taxes and I'm hoping we'll see some results from that" said Christie, "but we need to do civil service reform, and shared services reform...the fact of the matter is, if we want to slow the growth or reduce property taxes- here's the way we do it - spend less!"

Property taxes have been the political hot potato for years. It will likely be the focus of a Christie re-election campaign (IF he runs again), and trigger an epic period of blame-storming on who is to blame for continuing increases.