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The truth is, there's really only one reason so many people have donated money to get Eric Glover Sr. off the streets — he's a kind soul who's touched more lives than he knows.

Monday, we told you about Glover's story. The nearly 30-year ticket-taker at the movie theater inside Morristown's Headquarters Plaza is a staple of the community, and an attraction all his own. He greats guests with rapid-fire hand gestures, beat-box noises, and an unwavering smile that have delighted hundreds of thousands of people over the decades.

He's always around town. He's worked as a bouncer at area bars. His rendition of "The Candy Man" at The Dark Horse Lounge's karaoke nights (captured here by is legendary to locals. Glover — known to the Morristown community as "Fluffy" — likes to make people happy. He always has.

"I like to entertain people, and people love me there," Glover told in 2013, when he was temporarily left out of work, after the then-Clearview Cinemas shut down. He was later hired back part-time when it reopened as an AMC.

But Glover, who doesn't have a full-time job, has been homeless for months. According to a post by his cousin on a fundraiser to help him, he helped save another cousin's life when she was found unresponsive. Her medical bills cost the family its home, the post said. Glover's been staying with social service programs and in his car ever since.

The response has been extraordinary. As of Tuesday afternoon — four days after the fundraiser was started — 1,393 people had donated a staggering $53,440 to help Glover. Donations were continuing to roll in. UPDATE: By Friday, the fundraiser had reached more than $65,000 from about 1,700 people and stopped taking new donations.

The fundraiser's organizer, Lidia Udrija, told New Jersey 101.5 in an email she's not interested in any publicity: "I want this to be about helping each other, paying it
forward — coming together as a community, a family, and making a nightmare
turn into a dream."

With that kind of community support, it just might.

Here are just some of the reasons people said they support Glover and want to help him get back on his feet.

From comments left via the Jersey 101.5's Facebook page

Jennifer Salerno: I remember Fluffy from 20 years ago!! He use to be a bouncer at Bennigan's on Wednesday nights. He was so sweet!

Wendy Rogers: My daughter and I go here all the time and LOVE him. I am so happy to be aware so that I can help too. He's a good man! Someone who works so hard she not suffer this way.

From comments left on Monday's story:

Carri Parzero: An Icon in Morristown!!! My heart goes out to Eric! He has made such an impact on everyone he encounters. I hope everyone can help. I have to thank Lidia Udrija! She took the time out of her life to help him. Being homeless is a serious problem this Country has. We the people have to unite to end this.

Rachel Groeneveld Mortensen: He is a sweetheart and I love seeing him at the movies. Glad to see the community rallying for him!

And from comments left on the fundraiser's GoFundMe page:

Alicia Lewert: You always made me smile when I would come to the movies. God Bless!!!

Jill and Mike Gordon: Your gift to make us smile is one of the reasons we love going to the Morritstown movies!

Beth Jackson: Eric you've brought joy to tens of thousands of people over the years, and my family is no exception. I only regret that I can't do more.

Michael Atieh: He always brought a smile to my face and my children's faces

Cindy VanderVoort: I am so happy for this opportunity to help Eric. He may never know how many times he touched someone with his joyful, friendly, happy persona.

Stephanie Montano: I ALWAYS look forward to seeing him when going to the AMC theatre in Morristown.. ALWAYS MAKES ME SMILE!!!!

Frank Zahn: You have always brought a smile to my face regardless of my mood. Thank you for bringing your positive energy into the world. God bless you.

Mark Romero:  You are an amazing individual! Haven't been to your theater in a long time, but I remember you more than I remembered which movies I saw there. That's the impression I'm sure you left with everyone who gave you their tickets. Keep up the great work. God bless.

Deanna Edwards: Eric has been a constant friendly face at the theater since I was a child! It is beyond disheartening to hear about his current situation, I'm glad I can help!

Brian K: Good things should happen to good people. And Eric is a good person. He is a big man with an even bigger heart.

Dani Bratton: He makes me happy every time I see him. I hope this helps resolve his housing problems. It's the least we can do for someone who has brought such simple joy to so many for so long.

James Zemaitis: My daughter and I look forward to seeing Eric every time we go to the movies. He is a pillar of Morristown.

Aparna Mekala: Fluffy is part of our community and we help each other out when we need it. He always has a smile and asks how we are doing, he doesn't have to ... but he does because that's who he is. It's in his nature and he is great with people.

Jason Porter: It's a blessing to be in the position to help, This dude is a gentle giant. God bless him.

And this one may be our favorite ...

Drew Picon: Time for Eric to smile.

<em>Note: The story cited above was written by Louis C. Hochman, also the author of this story, during his previous employment with that organization. </em>

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