Governor Christie wants to bring sports betting to New Jersey and the sports leagues are suing. Doesn’t that aggravate you considering the amount of sports betting that is already going on both in New Jersey and America?

This isn’t about the same old argument of ‘Should there be sports betting in New Jersey” This is about the greed and selfishness of the leagues that try to stop it. As far as I’m concerned, the NFL is already in bed with sports betting with the latter already at third base.

We see logos in lottery tickets, injury reports being released to help the gamblers, even published point spreads every week which are used by network pre game forecasters to pick games. It seems like everybody else gets to make money on sports betting in New Jersey, Why not New Jersey?  Didn’t we give the Giants and Jets all kinds of breaks to build their new stadium? only to have the teams screw their fans with personal seat licenses and raised ticket prices?  I won’t even bring up the nightmare that is parking.


Speaking of parking, I love the fact that court ruled against the Giants and Jets attempt to lock the development of the American Dream complex in the meadowlands. The idea trying to take away jobs and business 7 days a week because it will inconvenience your overcharged parking customers for a 16 games is just another example of the selfishness of these teams. If you really want to give the people of New Jersey the “American Dream” give us a piece of the American Pie that is sports betting.


Does it bother you that the leagues are suing to block sports betting in New Jersey? Comment below.