Frequently visiting family out of state, I've come to realize how special New Jersey is. It reassures the notion of there truly being 'no place like home!'

Some of the things you didn't realize you'd miss until you live somewhere else. For some it may be the Garden State's amazing food and for others it may be the easy accessibility to major cities and beaches.

New Jersey has so much to offer that we sometimes take it for granted. I made a list of things that make New Jersey feel like home, and hope fellow Jerseyans can easily relate.

1. Being able to get a great pizza in any town you're in.

2. Seeing the ALL TURNS sign on the road if you want to make a left.

3. Amazing roadside farm markets everywhere. Yeah, it's a Jersey thing!

4. You can reach an awesome beach town in an hour or so.

5. Taking a day trip to a top 5 city in an hour or so.

6. You're minutes away from amazing American historical sites.

7. Knowing the location of the closest Wawa or QuickChek.

8. When you order a sub or hoagie, it's going to taste like it should!

9. Knowing a cop who can get you a PBA card.

10. Having a choice of multiple major sports teams games every week of the year.

And last, but certainly not least...

11. Hearing New Jersey 101.5 in cars and in stores wherever you go.

What in New Jersey makes it feel like home for you? Let us know by tweeting us or commenting below!

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