New Jersey's facing a serious struggle keeping young people from leaving the state.

As David Matthau reported Monday, businesses are making it a priority. But David also told us just a few days ago that nearly half of respondents to a new Quinnipiac University poll said they'd scram, given the chance — even though most really liked it here.

Why? We'll give you one guess.

If you said it's the cost of living — maybe in particular the high taxes — well, then you said the same thing as pretty much everyone else. It's why two of Dennis Malloy's kids have already moved on from the Garden State.

And while many of you told us on Facebook (both on Dennis' post and on David's) that you really love New Jersey for the environment, for the school systems, for the easy access to New York and for our unique Jersey attitudes ... those apparently come at a cost many of you can't bear.

Here's some of what you told us:

Robert Dombroski: New Jersey has everything, The mountains, the beach, urban life, rural life, two major cities nearby, but the cost to live here is to high. I would move in a minute if I could sell my house, but for now I'm trapped.

Chris Conti: Planning on leaving in 2.5 years, waiting for my kids to finish HS. I love NJ, but the state has taxed me out and I (would) rather move south and live more comfortably.

Daria Willoughby: I hate it, only my job and my kids keep me here. No way will I retire here — the taxes are too high, the crime is getting worse, the rents Aae unaffordable and the new gas tax is ridiculous. Not worth it.

Kathy Eldridge: New Jersey's location does offer access to a lot. But what good is it if I can't afford the taxes on my paid-off house?? I'm sure I can settle in and get used to another state where I can still have a few dollars in my pocket every month.

Carolyn Gorski: Although NJ has a little bit of everything, it has become next to impossible to keep up financially. Property taxes keep going up, jobs keep going down. We are all working so hard just to make ends meet and life is just passing us by. I plan on leaving in a few more years.

Cynthia Summer: I love NJ but ultimately the nanny state laws will drive me out quicker than the high property (school ) taxes, but those certainly won't help me stay. And that gas tax was definitely motivation to check out other places.

Frank Cavalieri: I'm out ASAP 'cause it's a vicious cycle. The more people that leave this state, the higher the taxes will go up for those who stay. It's the beginning of the end for this state! It's drowning, and no one is around to rescue it.

Jason Wall: If I didn't have a lot of family and friends here, I would leave. NJ is horrible with property taxes, gax taxes, taxes and fees for small businesses. I have a small business and it's Internet-base.  I could live anywhere in the country if I needed to. When I do buy a house, it will not be in NJ.

Anthony Adams: It is mathematically impossible for college grads to start a life here — unless you land a six-figure job the day you graduate. Too many taxes and fees

Barbara Shanker: High cost of living is also causing senior citizens to leave. It's one of the reasons we went south.

Kari Louise: It's a beautiful place to raise kids and I love it here, but it's expensive as heck!

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