A week ago, we shared some of the strangest street names we could find in New Jersey. From Weasel Drift to Wits End, we thought we had New Jersey's oddball avenues mostly covered.

But you folks let us know: Boy, were we wrong. The closer you look, the stranger New Jersey gets. A bunch of you chimed in with ways ways we'd missed on Facebook and Twitter — including one some of you really couldn't believe we'd left out.

Got a funky street name in your town? Did we still miss one? Leave it in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter at @NJ1015.

But for now, we present 11 MORE of the strangest street names in New Jersey. Have fun taunting Google Maps with these.

  • 1

    Sesame Street in Atco

    (Google Maps)

    Can you tell me how to get there?

  • 2

    Manlove Avenue in Hightstown

  • 3

    Goa Way in Lavallette

    (Google Maps)

    Well ... that's welcoming.

  • 4

    Proposed Avenue in Franklinville

    (Google Maps)

    Someday, it'll be "Approved Avenue." And then maybe even "Constructed Avenue."

  • 5

    Mercedes Bend in Toms River

    (Google Maps)

    Oh, Lord

  • 6

    Good Luck Road, Lacey Township

    (Google Maps)

    A 4 percent school tax increase and layoffs in Lacey Township? We had to say it, but it sounds like you're going to need some of that luck, Lacey.

  • 7

    Whalepond Road in West Long Branch

    (Google Maps)

    Um, wait ... where's the pond? And more importantly, where's the whale?

  • 8

    Hooker Street In Riverside

    (Google Maps)

    Because Hoes Lane was already taken.

  • 9

    Easy Street in Farmingdale

    (Google Maps)

    We've always wanted to live there

  • 10

    Hoes Lane in Piscataway

    (Google Maps)

    Left without further comment:



  • 11

    Shades of Death Road, Warren County

    (Google Maps)

    We got a really hard time from you folks for omitting Shades of Death Road on our original top-12 list. It is, after all, among New Jersey's most notorious streets — the supposedly supernatural street that's home to Ghost Lake and The Fairy Hole. People report seeing ghostly apparitions in the fog and a Native American spirit guide who appears as a deer.

    Personally, we think it's all a load of hooey. But we're rubbing the Good Luck Road street sign before heading to Warren County, just in case.