With laptops becoming more and more of a staple for students across the nation, laptop cases have become a necessary accessory in order to keep these expensive gadgets safe. With these unique and adorable cases, you can ditch the boring black and put your best foot forward in time from the new school year.

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    Sock Monkey Laptop Case

    Not daring enough to go completely crazy with your laptop case? You can buy this simple but cute sock money sleeve. Add a pop of color by changing the zipper color. This laptop case costs $52.95.

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    Pink Lace Laptop Case

    This pink lacy laptop case has a fun girly feel for those fashionistas who are always on the go. The zipper color is also changeable on this case as well. This laptop case costs $57.55.

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    Penguin Laptop Case

    Since it’s illegal to have a pet penguin, this will have to suffice, as this adorable penguin will keep your laptop cozy. The lining and zipper color are also interchangeable on this case as well. This laptop case costs $52.65.

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    Panda Laptop Sleeve

    Bring this endangered species straight to your home with this precious Panda inspired laptop case. This makes a perfect surprise for any animal lover out there. This laptop case costs $25.95.

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    Pop-Tart Laptop Sleeve

    Turn your laptop in to an edible delight, with this charming pop-tart inspired laptop sleeve. These sleeves come in all different flavors and sizes. This laptop sleeve costs $18.00.

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    Newspaper Print Laptop Case

    Looking for something classic and fairly inexpensive? Well this newspaper inspired laptop case is perfect for you. This case is available to fit most brands of laptops. This laptop case is $15.50.

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    Knit Owl Laptop Sleeve

    “Hoo” will be able to deny this adorable crocheted owl laptop sleeve, which is perfect for protecting from scratches and dust. This case can only accommodate 13-inch computers. This laptop sleeve will costs $35.00.

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    Peacock Laptop Case

    This peacock print laptop case is the perfect combination between subdued and showy. This laptop case costs $15.50.

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    Old-School Cassette Laptop Case

    Take a trip back in time with this old school cassette inspired laptop case. This case comes in multiple sizes, and is sure to fit almost every laptop out there. This laptop case costs $18.90.

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    Juicy Couture Glitter Laptop Case

    This sleek and shiny designer laptop case is sure to turn heads this fall as the electric blue color will guarantee that you never misplace your laptop again. This laptop case costs $68.00.

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    Fleece Monster Laptop Sleeve

    This fleece monster will keep your laptop safe by ‘eating’ it and storing it in its belly. The case comes in many different patterns, colors and sizes. This laptop sleeve costs $46.00.