I remember their birth like it was yesterday.

I was working in Philadelphia when my wife called me from the road, saying she was feeling some pain and the doctor told her to go to the hospital. She said she didn't think it was anything and not to worry. I casually mentioned it to our secretary, who said "Get out of here and get to the hospital!!!!"

On my way there, I called my father, who met me there. We went into her room and were told that it could be a while, but they might take the twins that night. I'll never forget the wisdom of my father when he heard those words: "Ok then let's go get something to eat."

So while we ate steak at DiLucca's in Freehold, my wife was preparing to go into labor — and then we got the call to come back to CentraState hospital, where our lives would never be the same. I was in the room for the birth, and was the first to hold Albert — then, two minutes later, Lennon. I remember their little hands reaching out as they cried and laying them down in their little beds.

I love how after 10 years they still reach for my hands. They know they already have my heart.

They say it goes so fast when they are young — and they're right. I keep doing everything I can to slow it down. The baby toys became toddler toys, and then became Star Wars toys, and are now becoming footballs, basketballs and video games. The lights are starting to go on now as to who they are and what their tastes are going to be. Fortunately for me, they've embraced the Beatles and Giants. Also fortunately for me, I couldn't ask for two better boys!

Now, it gets ratcheted up a notch with the teenage years. Who knows what they will bring? For now, I'm their hero, and I'm going to enjoy that for as long as I possibly can.

Happy Birthday Albert and Lennon!

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