When we talked about the state suspending a former Paterson teachers license for three years after he was accused of helping students cheat on tests, I started wondering about all the crazy ways kids cheat.

Banmali Banjeree was accused in 2014 of giving students answers and tapping on desks to suggest the correct response to their High School Proficiency Assessment tests while teaching at Eastside High's School of Government and Public Administration.

I never had a teacher that nice, and I also never had the guts to cheat (Well, okay, maybe once). You gotta have guts and a vivid imagination.

Here are some of the most inventive ways kids commonly cheat on tests, and the only equipment you need is listed below.
1. Arms

One of the oldest tricks in the book. Cover the first couple inches of your forearms just above the wrists with tiny written notes. Wear long sleeves, slide them up carefully when you think you can get away with it.

2. Band aid

Jot your tiny notes on the inside of a band aid. Stick it to your arm or hand. Who's gonna tell you not to peek at your wound during a test? Just lift the band aid and take a look!

3. T-shirt neckline (Girls only)

Wear a round neck, low cut t-shirt. Tape a small cheat sheet on the inside of the neckline right in the middle, where your cleavage would be. You can either bend over a little and take a peek or actually pull the front of the neckline away from your body a little to look. What's a teacher gonna say? "Why are you looking at your breasts?" I don't think so.

4. Pantyhose (Sorry guys, this one's for the girls, too)

Wear a short(ish) skirt. Slip a small sheet of notes into each leg of your panty hose before the text. Slide either side up during the test (Make sure you put the writing the right way unless you're really good at reading upside down).

Note: Guys can also do this by wearing shorts and writing directly on their thigh skin, although teachers are MUCH less likely to look at a girl's legs than a guy's, so it's not as safe for the men.

5. Eraser

Write answers on one side of an eraser. Act like you're erasing something and keep the answer-laden side facing you as you do. Place the eraser back writing-side down.

6. Earphones

This one is tricky, but it's been done. Snake them through your sleeve (make sure you wear long sleeves that day). Have prerecorded info playing on your iPod or phone.

7. Water bottle label

Remove a water bottle label carefully, write answers on the inside, tape it back on, making sure the answers are visible.

8. Smart watch

Text yourself answers/info, check your watch periodically (you're allowed to check the time, right?). Go to texts on your watch and cheat away!

9. Tissues

Carry a small packet of tissues with preprinted info. Fold carefully after writing and place back in packet. Sneeze. Remove tissue. Voila.

10. Graphing calculator

These calculators generally have a notepad built in. Fill with info pre-test. Check screen during test. Who's gonna be the wiser?

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