Recently, Dennis was the unfortunate observer of a truly horrible incident that brought him to a sad revelation about people in New Jersey: They're gross.

New Jerseyans do gross things sometimes, which lead us to develop this list that was gleaned from what may turn out to be a new semi-regular feature on the program: People are Disgusting.

Herein, I will describe what Dennis saw, along with some of the disgusting thing our listeners have witnessed their fellow new Jerseyans do. People are disgusting. Here, I present the evidence.

  1. Dennis noticed a "gentleman" pick up a dish towel from the decorative dish towel section at target wipe his hot sweaty face and head with it and put it back. Obviously Dennis was appalled.
  2. A deli counter worker cut a sandwich in half and nicked his finger in the process. Bloody finger and all he simply continued to cut and wrap the sandwich and serve it to a customer. (When our listener declined to take the sandwich, the bleeding-finger guy was surprised.)
  3. An airplane passenger watched his seat mate blow his nose into a tissue and then stuff the use tissue into the magazine pouch on the seat in front of him.
  4. One of our listeners observed a man in the men's shoe department at a large department store pleasuring himself into one of the men's slippers from the display.
  5. A cook at a restaurant was observed sticking his finger into the gravy, licking it, repeating the action, and then serving the gravy he had just double dipped into.
  6. A shopper at a supermarket dropped an open bag of M&Ms on the floor and then proceeded to gather them up and eat them.
  7. A listener entered a department store dressing room only to find that someone had gone "number two" and left it on the dressing room floor.
  8. Another deli counter worker was observed blowing a "snot rocket" from each nostril into the prep sink, using his hand to dry off his nose and then continuing to prepare the food.
  9. An airline passengers stuck his hand in his pocket, took it out, sniffed it, grimaced after smelling it and said "ewwww." In general, never sniff your hand in public.
  10. An executive at a meeting sneezed in her hand, broadly wiped her hand on her clothing and then offered it to a group of employees to shake. None of them refused.

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