We take a lot of garbage here in New Jersey, figuratively and literally. (The average US resident was responsible for approximately 4 pounds of garbage per day, so multiply that by 9 million, yikes!) But ah that figurative garbage. Just yesterday in talking about what folks will remember most about outgoing Gov. Chris Christie a woman called in who said she'd remember the presidential debates and being "so embarrassed" to be from New Jersey whenever Christie would speak. Really? Please! Once in awhile we need to remember how great our state is. So in no particular order and just off the top of my head here are 10 things New Jersey gave the world even if it never thanked us.

1) The light bulb

And while we're gloating about this marvel from Thomas Edison, consider he also showcased his invention by stringing some together around Christmas time and basically creating the first outdoor Christmas lights, too. All hail Edison!

2) Bubble wrap

It might not sound like a big thing, but think about how it changed shipping or packing virtually anything. It was the invention of Hackensack native Alfred Fielding along with Marc Chavannes. Originally they thought of it as a textured wallpaper. When that never caught on, they were inspired and found its eventual application. Not to mention a toy for obsessive compulsives everywhere.

3) Do I have to say his name?

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...enough said.

4) Jack Antonoff

If you don't know who he is yet, he was born in Bergenfield, NJ and is best known for the creative force behind and lead singer of Bleachers. He's also been nominated for a Golden Globe and has already won three Grammy Awards and started his own music festival called Shadow Of The City, an annual event in Jersey.

5) Diners

Jerry O'Mahony of Bayonne is credited as having made the first pre-fab diner buildings all the way back in 1917. By 1952 he'd made 2,000. Some argue a schmuck in Massachusetts first came up with the idea but look, New Jersey is the state known for its diners and we still have more than anybody so fuggetaboutit!

6) Pork Roll

This is the culinary gift we keep all to ourselves. Few outside New Jersey even know about it, let alone sunk their teeth into a pork roll egg and cheese. This may be the only thing that will keep some people from moving to North Carolina.

7) Jack Nicholson

Arguably one of the greatest actors, he not only gave us One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, A Few Good Men, Easy Rider, Chinatown and The Departed, he might just be responsible for a little of the crazy that goes into the Jersey attitude.

8) Jersey tomato

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Phil Murphy may have no idea what it is and prefer broccoli and grapefruit, but any real New Jerseyan knowns the glory of the Jersey tomato.

9) The Jersey shore

We're not talking about an old, dumb TV show. We're talking about the most special place on earth. Miles of beautiful shoreline running through towns with their own unique character and boardwalks galore. We didn't invent the ocean and sand, but we certainly brought about the first boardwalk in the United States and we're the only state that does the shore right.

10) New Jersey 101.5 radio

I rarely do this, but it must be pointed out. New Jersey 101.5 radio is not only the most listened to FM talk station in the country, it's the most unique. It's a station truly of the people, by the people, for the people. Born in the days of the Florio tax revolt and seeing everything since from political scandals to natural disasters, this radio station is one of a kind.

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