When the news broke yesterday that a female server was suing her employer, the Tipsy Taco in Margate for alleged sexual harassment from her boss, we did what we always do: Tell her to man up.

The suggestion that she could get money for this is upsetting, when the real solution to ongoing harassment from an employer would be to just quit.

We pointed out that there are plenty of restaurants to work at in NJ, and procuring a job at a similarly named mexican place should be that difficult.

Well, you know what happened then; the spewing forth of awful names for mexican restaurants that don’t exist, but ought to.

If you have to leave the Tipsy Taco, why not try applying for a job at one of these imaginary Mexican joints:

  1. The Cozy Carnita
  2. The Feisty Fajita
  3. The Sloppy Sofrito
  4. The Raunchy Ranchero
  5. The Wacky Huevo
  6. The Kooky Quesadilla
  7. The Naughty Nacho
  8. The Edgy Enchilada
  9. The Ballsy Burrito
  10. The Frisky Frijole

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