Got an extra 20 bucks you wanna burn? Been searching for the perfect framed picture of Dave Matthews? Your search ends here!

Here are ten strange, wonderful and plain old stupid items for sale on Craigslist central jersey for under 20 dollars. You never know.. You may really need one of these things. You may even know what some of them are!

  • 1

    Four Plastic Patio Chairs

    For only 20 bucks, you can sit on an uncomfortable beige plastic chair that has had random strangers sitting and farting on.

  • 2

    Two bikes (in good condition)

    At least they're in good condition. Plus you get your choice between a Huffy and a Trek.

  • 3

    Vintage Tiles

    The puke green/teal tiles will really bring out the sparkle in your eyes.

  • 4

    Gasoline cans

    Can't hurt to have gas cans lying around the house, and it's only 15 bucks!

  • 5

    Collectible Cars book

    We know you've been looking for collectible cars from 1940-1980, and for 20 bucks this book is the tell all guide

  • 6

    22 Antique Glass Bottles

    You can grab all of these bottles for 20 bucks, which is less than a dollar per bottle. Wow!

  • 7

    Tonka Trucks

    A great gift for your child or your inner child! They even have a rustic look and feel to them.

  • 8

    Framed Dave Matthews picture

    "What Would You Say" if you could "Two Step" your way into this framed picture of Dave Matthews for 20 bucks? (Insert more DMB song titles here.)

  • 9

    Scientist Kit

    Here's the perfect science kit for the little Bill Nye in your life. Plus, it's only been used once!

  • 10

    Giant Vintage Ashtray

    One man's ash is another man's treasure? Doesn't even make sense.