Imagine charging your mobile phone without having to plug it in or opening up a fully-functional picnic table and chairs from a compact suitcase. In 2013, you can do just that and more! If you're planning a summer at the shore, don't just settle for the typical chairs, beach toys and goggles that you've been using forever. From creative gadgets for packing your lunch to advanced beach chairs and umbrellas, check out these awesome inventions for a day outdoors at the beach!

Sport-Brella Beach Umbrella, $57.97

Looking for full coverage at the beach? With this sport-brella, you'll a have tent-like shelter in just minutes, protecting you from the sun's rays, windy weather and rain.

Handtrux Backhoe Digging Gloves, $15.12

Take playing in the sand to a whole new level with these awesome gloves. If your kids are into trucks and machinery, their imaginations will soar as they dig deep into the sand!

Picnic Backpack, $83.95

Perfect for people who wish to spend a day outdoors with friends or a loved one, this backpack comes complete with side pockets for a blanket and bottle and it even includes beautiful plates, silverware, and a cutting board!


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (for lake/river use), Bass Pro Shops $19.99

Designed to provide clean water in the harshest of conditions, this 2 oz. filter allows you to drink directly from lakes, rivers, or your water bottle by simply putting the lower part of the straw in the water and sipping. Plus by purchasing this product, you'll contribute to some great charities.


Multi-Sport iPhone Camera Kit w/ Bike Attachment, $150.00

Tired of circling the same few blocks on your beach cruiser? Go on a biking exploration with this iPhone bike attachment and route your trip! With this purchase, you'll also get great a camera kit to take your iPhone photos to a professional level.


Ergonomic Comfort Lounger, $199.99

Take the spa to the beach with these six-position reclining lounge chairs! Like a spa massage chair, this pool chaise lounge allows you to lie on your stomach without hyper-extending your neck—thanks to a patented ergonomic facial cutout!


Portable Wind-Up Charger for Smart Phones, $54.56

Don't get stuck out on the beach with no outlets and cell phone power. Avoid that horrifying moment when your phone battery dies - with a few cranks, you'll be able to get your phone going again!

 Video and Digital Camera Swim Goggles, $39.99

See it all and capture your underwater adventures with these fun swim goggles. The digital built-in camera takes still photos and video, so you can explore beneath the surface hands-free!


Folding Suitcase Picnic Table, $118.00

Go from compact to fully-functional in just minutes with this stylish folding picnic table complete with seating! If you're planning on spending lots of time outdoors this summer, just pack this product and you'll be able to dine wherever you go!

Underwater Scooter, prices vary per model

Zoom around the sea with this James Bond-like underwater gadget! With the propelling underwater scooter, you can glide effortlessly for miles, without ever breaking a sweat!


Would you consider purchasing one of these products? Which is your favorite?